Ahhh the wonders of tablets. Thin, light weight and yet so powerful.

Tablets and hybrid laptops have no doubt managed to win over the hearts of many students across the world. But the question is, is the switch worth it?

Thus, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of digital note-taking.

Pro #1 Secure storage

Taking notes digitally means you’d be able to save all your notes in one big cloud storage. Which is pretty convenient and cool when you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting your notes wet or crumpled when you move from one class to another (or one couch to another).

Pro #2 Portable

Another good thing about digital notes is that you can save them offline and bring them wherever you go. Thus, enabling you to study with your notes without the 10KG weight on your back and shoulders!

Pro #3 Easy to edit

And the best part about going digital? The aesthetic notes and unlimited colour choices one can have! The ease of typing your notes with different fonts, writing with different types of brushes and pens, erasing them when you make a mistake with just the tap of the undo icon, just sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

However, despite the pro points digital notes provide, there are still some things you should consider before opting to go all digital.

Con #1 Expensive Investment

Firstly, getting a new tablet is no doubt a very expensive investment, especially for students. So make sure to do enough research before jumping in to buy that brand new shiny gadget that may or may not suit your needs. Check reviews and study specifications. Because sometimes the one you want, isn’t the one you need.

Con #2 Battery dependent

As all gadgets are, tablets are also, unfortunately battery dependent. Thus, if you are a digital note taker going out for your usual cafe to study, remember to charge them amply to not suffer from a low battery anxiety.

Con #3 Screen time

And last but not least, the increased screen time when you start transitioning to digital note-taking! With the hybrid/ online studying system right now, taking notes digitally can exponentially increase the time your eyes glued on the screen. Hence, always try to make time for the outdoors and rest time for your eyes if you do plan to start digital note-taking.

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