Applications are closed! Thank you for your interest and follow our updates on @projectedmy

till application closes on 5 July 2020


Edprentice is a 4-month leadership programme which nurtures the next generation of student leaders in the education and youth empowerment fields.
ProjectEd is searching for the next batch of leaders for our organization, driving meaningful impacts on the education field in Malaysia.
Our goal is to transform you into the future leader of ProjectEd.

Unique learning experience with a leading student-led NGO in Malaysia.

Big freedom (and responsibility) in leading projects to create sustainable impact on the student community in Malaysia.

Exposure to two roles of your choice in our organization (2-month rotation in each team).'

A fun and vibrant volunteering community to be called FAMILY!


You MUST Be:

1. A Pre-Uni, foundation or first or second-year university student in any discipline.

2. A proud Malaysian or have, at least, undergone the Malaysian education system.

3. A passionate advocate for education who believes in Knowledge Is Free.

4. A true doer who CAN FULLY COMMIT between August and November on the project.

(We can’t tell you the working hours per week because we strive until the project is done.)

5. A humble learner who can grow together as a team.

6. A grounded person who has the heart to serve.


You DO NOT Need To Be:

1. A perfect person who knows everything.

(We don’t expect that! We all are still learning in this journey too.)

2. An experienced person in leading any organization or team.

(We believe leaders are made, only if they have the heart to learn <3 )


Our Edprentice program consists of four teams that you can CHOOSE TWO from. Below are the description of the teams.

Scholarships Team

The hands of ProjectEd! We created our flagship Knowledge Is Free scholarship programme and many more.
1. Manage existing scholarship programmes and create new scholarship programmes through win-win partnerships with NGOs and corporates.
2. Oversee the current scholars personal and professional developments through workshops and quarterly check-ins.
3. Attract new monthly contributors and engage with existing contributors to create a sustainable funding system.

Publicity Team

The face of ProjectEd! We magnify the stories of ProjectEd to the world.
1. Curate social media content to share informative educational-related knowledge.
2. Create innovative social media campaigns to raise awareness about education inequality.
3. Promote our opportunities and initiatives (workshops, scholarships) to the student community.

Workshops Team

The legs of ProjectEd! We go to every part of Malaysia to amplify our impact.
1. Liaise with our partners (schools, NGOs, corporates) to conduct educational workshops for the student community.
2. Plan necessary workshop details to ensure the success of the workshops.
3. Recruit and manage a team of passionate volunteers to execute the workshop content.

Content & Research Team

The brain of ProjectEd! We curate the most relevant content for our student community.
1. Curate new workshop contents which are beneficial for the student community.
2. Research on and curate articles about educational trends in Malaysia.
3. Oversee existing workshop contents to provide the most relevant information to our students.

Application Process

Stage 1: Online Application: Let us know you. (Video or Written)

Stage 2: Two-Day Online Workshop: Learn something new.

Stage 3: Personal Interview: Get to know us.

Stage 4: Onboarding Session – Welcome to the ProjectEd family!