How To Ace Your Scholarship Application Essays

Most of the scholarships in Malaysia require their applicants to write an essay about themselves and also the field of their interest. However, some of the applicants are unsure of what to include in their application essay and start to panic. Well, good news since I would like to share my personal experience to all of you.

Applicants should be aware that essay is one of the most important elements in order to impress your interviewers beforehand. It gives an overview of yourself to the interviewers.

First of all, you should start your essay with an introduction of yourself. I can say that this is the most crucial part of your essay; it is the first impression you make to the interviewers. You should be truthful enough about yourself and not hesitate to put in things which are different from the others. It might be true that interviewers are looking for an individual with excellent academic results and extra-curricular activities. But actually, they welcome the most those who are different from the others.

Furthermore, you should also include on how you will contribute back to the company that has awarded you the scholarship. Almost all scholarship companies want to see the readiness of their future scholars to work with them. Make sure your points are relevant and genuine. Please also take note of what you have written here. They might also ask you some questions on this later in the interview session.

Please use formal words and avoid using bombastic words which most people would not understand. The interviewer might not understand some terms you have used there. Make it simple and direct. What we are about to deliver here is the main key. So focus on delivering not on the vocabulary. Take note that this is not an English fiction essay competition, but an application essay for scholarships. Try to use more persuasive phrases such as “I believe that” and “It is really worth if you choose me.”

In the essay, you should also display enthusiasm that you have towards the field that you want to venture. Try to show as much as possible that you are well-versed and familiar with your field of interest. However, do not get carried away. Remember that your essay is mainly about promoting yourself not on your field of interest. It is better for you to do some readings on the recent news regarding your field. Include that in your essay. It shows that you are well aware of your field. For example, in my last essay, I’ve inserted a few statistics regarding the needs of doctors in Malaysia.

Before you ever submit your essay, check your spelling, grammar and also your sentence structure. Make sure people can understand what you are writing and do not write more than the number of words given. Last but not least, allow your lecturers or peers to proofread your essays and provide honest reviews for you to improve.

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