Nelson Ng Jia Jun

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I always believe that all students should have equal opportunity to attain tertiary education. As a strong believer of Knowledge Is Free, I strive to empower students to achieve fullest potentials in pursuing their tertiary education dreams. When we empower students, we empower the nation.

Phung Pei Shan

Chief Operating Officer

ProjectEd is a collective initiative by a group of scholars, with focused goal to ensure opportunities for all in attaining tertiary education. I’m glad to be a part of this movement and shall continue to motivate people around me to cultivate strong awareness of the importance of tertiary education.

Soeffiah Mierza Djuli

Chief Technology Officer

By empowering students through scholarships mentorships for high school students, ProjectEd demonstrates how small contributions can amount to a truly large and long-lasting impact, and how these contributions can come in many forms – whether it be money, knowledge or mentorship – that are all equally valuable.

Al Amirul Eimer

Chief Programme Officer

Tertiary education at higher education, theoretically will enable individuals to expand their knowledge and, most importantly, increase their understanding of the world and community. ProjectEd will be an ideal platform for students to achieve their dreams and instill the concept of empowerment in this challenging world!

Shaan Gom

Chief Social Officer

Education is a right that all humans are entitled to, and I believe each and everyone of us plays a part in the strive to end education inequality. ProjectEd is the perfect example on how everyone can contribute to help those in needs, especially in terms of gaining education. In my eyes, education should not be exclusive, it should be inclusive.



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