As we move into 2021 with yet another MCO extension, loneliness can be a huge obstacle for us students who are struggling with our already non-existent mental health because of never ending short tests and assignments/ can’t bring our lazy bums to the study table because bed = heaven  #studyingfromhome

But as much as we miss the coffee shop aromas, the boba chit chats with friends, the futsal sessions after a whole day of studying, we still have to stay at home to flatten the curve of Covid- 19.

Here are some tips to make studying feel less alone.

#1 Study Buddies

Having a study buddy is undoubtedly one of the best ways to curb loneliness when studying. Pair yourself with a friend or two to boost motivation for studying! Engage with each other after lessons for academic discussions and test each other on lessons learned to retain knowledge better. 

#2 Discord Study Servers

Underrated but try to find yourself a study server on Discord and join them! Study servers are the hidden gems that everyone should know as they have so much to offer. From notes and resources to mental health group chats, study servers are great when one hopes to meet new friends and improve their study habits simultaneously. 

#3 Study with Me videos 

Study with me videos are always a good option when you want to have some form of interaction when you study and still have some control over the time periods. Most of them are around 1 to 3 hours per video. However, if you scour hard enough, you’ll find some that range up to 13 hours!

#4 Change study locations

Of course, we’re not asking you to go out to a completely different place during this pandemic, but changing your study environment once in a while can drastically change your mood and help you to focus better with school tasks. Instead of being cooped up in your room all day, try bringing your laptop to the garden for class for a change, or the coffee table in the dining area for some light reading! 

#5 Faux coffee shops 

As the saying goes, fake it till you make it. If we can’t go to coffee shops, let’s try and make the coffee shops come to us! 😀 

Search up some of your favourite Jazz playlists and brew yourself a cup of espresso. Add a dash of Ambience/ Writing ASMR audios to recreate that white noise background to its fullest and immerse yourself in the atmosphere to turn study mood: on. 

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